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miércoles, mayo 05, 2004

Omega drivers 1.5303

Nueva versión de los drivers Omega para Nvidia, la 1.5303, basados en los 53.03 oficiales de Nvidia.
Los cambios en la nueva versión son los siguientes:

  • Based on the Official 53.03 drivers. (2k/XP)
  • Added new tweaks and removed the old ones that where no longer working in the new 5x.xx drivers. (2k/XP)
  • The quality mode has been fixed, now they should work on both modes. (2k/XP)
  • Added new resolutions, plus now 1400x1050 is working. (2k/XP)
  • Added initial support for most laptop GO cards, not supported cards will be added for the next set. (2k/XP)
  • Updated Multires to version 1.46 (2k/XP)
  • Support for Win9x/ME dropped. (9x/Me)